The National Secretary of RESPECT , John Rees, is also the Vice President, Europe, of the Cairo Conference Against US Aggression. The Cairo Conference’s Second Declaration is here (on the Stop the War Coalition website). It begins as follows:

“The second Cairo Conference met between the 13th and 14th of December 2003, upon the invitation of the Popular Campaign against the aggression on Palestine and Iraq, and with wide participation from all over the world, including prominent international figures and political and trade union activists, intellectuals and writers, journalists and artists, defenders of human rights, from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the United States, and from the Arab World, joined by their common struggle against capitalist globalization, US hegemony, Zionism and Racism and their joint efforts to find more humane and just alternatives to the policies of capitalist globalization in the framework of “A Better World is Possible”.”

“We are struggling against capitalist globalization in view of the outcome of its policies including deepening the gap between advanced and developing countries, intensification of the exploitation of peoples and their oppression, the marginalization of wide sectors of the population of the world, who do not have access to the basic necessities of life, and the threat to the security of the peoples by resorting to war and militarization, all of which leads to the strengthening of imperialism internationally and dependence locally. It also supports the Zionist plan on Arab land as an extension of the Imperialist project in the world and the region. Participants in the 2nd Cairo Conference observe that the conclusions and convictions they had reached in the Web site 1st Cairo conference, held in December 2002, were the basis for a globally active and effective movement, which spread throughout the world with the participation of a wide spectrum of democratic, peace-loving, anti-war and anti-aggression groups, through the organization of international anti-globalization conferences which reject the aggression on Iraq and express their solidarity with Palestine, and the declarations that developed therefrom such as that of the Web siteTokyo and Jakarta conferences; and the specification of days of solidarity with the Iraqi people. Those days have witnessed popular demonstrations of millions from all nations of the world, the largest of which were the demos of the 18th of January and the 15th of February 2003. Several popular conferences have been organized in different countries of the world condemning the American aggression against Iraq and supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people against Zionist aggression and Israeli occupation.”

“Participants in the 2nd Cairo conference stress that the occupation of Iraq constitutes part of a US strategic plan to tighten its control over the world with a view to spread more US power over the world. It is also part of the Zionist plan, which targets the establishment of the greater State of Israel from to Nile to Euphrates, and Israel’s direct role in the occupation of Iraq and the use of Israeli weapons by American troops in Iraq, where the US aims to:

– Control Iraq, thereby ensuring a direct military presence in a strategic region impacting the heart of the Old World and control over the production and distribution of the greater share of the oil of the world.

– Reorganize the region in to serve US interests through the co-option of Iran, forcing Syria into submission, and enforcing a political settlement of the Palestinian issue which ignores the totality of the national rights of the Palestinian people, inclusive of the right to return.

– To revive the Middle Eastern project which gives Israel the leadership role in the region to the benefit of the interests of international capitalist monopolies and the spread of cultural patterns that serve the strategic objectives of the US on the expense of the Arab identity. Also, the US pressure to set up a free trade zone in the Middle East to support that objective.”

1 The common struggle is against capitalist globalization, US hegemony, Zionism and Racism.
2 Capitalist globalization supports the Zionist plan to steal “Arab Land” for global imperialism.
3 The occupation of Iraq is part of a Zionist plan to conquer Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon
4 Israel is given the leadership role in furthering the interests of international capital.

This kind of rhetoric puts Israel (and the Jews that are duped by “the Zionists” into supporting it) at the vanguard of global imperialism.

It gives Israel (and the Jews that are duped by “the Zionists” into supporting it) a central role in the domination of international capital.

How is it that people who think of themselves as anti-racists and as socialists can go along with this kind of trash?

hat-tip Harry’s Place

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