‘Flesh is Grass’ on Richard Falk’s exclusion from Israel

“The ban on Falk has dismayed Palestinian NGOs. But anybody who has to resort to lies about planned Holocausts to make his argument is missing the point about what is actually happening in Gaza. For the Israelis, allowing this person to go about his business is manifestly against Israel’s interests. The Palestinians, as an occupied people, need an advocacy which will maintain impetus of the flagging peace process. Falk is probably worse than nothing because his publicity-seeking exaggerations and falsehoods give the strong impression that the facts don’t speak for themselves. He is a walking excuse to ignore the Palestinians. But even so, no amount of popular outrage could resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Calling Jews Nazis hasn’t got anything to do with the promising US-Russian draft peace plan soon, it looks likely, to be adopted by the UN Security Council, its first resolution on the conflict in five years.”

Read the whole piece. Here.

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