Ben Cohen on how contemporary antisemitism works


One Response to “Ben Cohen on how contemporary antisemitism works”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    And, of course, it doesn’t occur to anyone on the “new” (ie, newly antisemitic) left to push their analysis to the point where the _real_ cause of the financial crisis began: with Reagonomics or Thatcherism. It was in the 1980s that serious deregulation of the financial sector began, whence spring all these hedge funds, derivatives tradings and the rest of the “funny money” methods of making fortunes at the expense of the real economy (notice how _that_ latter phrase is coming back into fashion, just like “Keynesianism”). Why does it take a satirist like Rory Bremner (in an article in the Radio Times of all places) to point out what should be common knowledge?

    No, it’s _so_ much easier to blame the Jews (or “the Jew” – like Madoff) – saves thinking, I suppose. This makes Gordon Brown far more interesting than one might think at first glance. Not only is he practising Keynesianism while proclaiming that New Labour is alive and well, he also publicly proclaims his refusal to indulge in cheap (if effective) anti-Zionism or _anything_ that might look like antisemitism.

    He has publicly proclaimed his support for the (special pleading: I’m a volunteer there) Wiener Library’s fund-raising drive, he has also publicly supported JNF and Israel in general terms (just like Blair before him). So the anti-Zionists and other boycotters can get no change there.

    But, of course, the truth is _so_ last century: Israel Lobby conspiracy theories and antisemitism are so much more _fun_!

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