Iranian blogger Azarmehr writes on C4’s Xmas message

“I am so pissed off, I am so livid at the incompetency and lunacy of this Western media, I want to get hold of one of these snobby condescending fartbag journalists, editors and media bosses and pulp them to the wall. Channel 4 has invited President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not for a debate, not for an interview, but to give an “alternative” Christmas message!”

“Who will they invite next? Kim-il-Jong? Mugabe? This is rubbing salt on the wounds of all those jailed journalists in Iran, this is an insult to the family of murdered photo-journalist, Zahra Kazemi, this is giving platform to a regime which is persecuting Christian converts in Iran, to a regime which is persecuting religious minorities.”

“I am tired of all this complacency and deranged madness of the Western media. British people wake up before your media destroys all the privileges you take for granted.”

via Shiraz Socialist

5 Responses to “Iranian blogger Azarmehr writes on C4’s Xmas message”

  1. Joshua Says:

    “Who will they invite next? Kim-il-Jong? Mugabe?”

    No, because they have not committed themselves to Israel’s destruction. The enemy of their enemy is their friend. Their hatred of Israel overrides everything else.

  2. Harry Goldstein Says:

    Does anyone know whether C4 has a forum or email address for complaints at which one can register a protest about this? I’ve looked on their web site and haven’t found anything.

  3. Inna Says:


    I believe Omer in comments left this link (which also worked for me–some of the links I received in e-mails don’t work): and I also got Jon Snow’s e-mail which is

    Good luck,


  4. Harry Goldstein Says:

    Thanks Inna,

    Done it.


  5. j.r. Says:

    I complained to C4 and the reply I got didn’t differ from their initial statement about their choice of xmas luminary – stuff about inviting ‘a diverse range of people including Quentin Crisp, Jesse Jackson etc, alternative world view, your complaint has been logged blah blah’. In other words they don’t give a stuff about the feedback. Perhaps a complaint to OfCom is in order.

    I wonder what Quentin Crisp would have thought about it. And whether Hitler and Pol Pot would have provided exciting and trendy alternative world views for the zany folk at C4.

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