Antisemitic graffiti in Golders Green – Kala Jerzy

Written by Kala Jerzy:

This is what happened to me on Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning, around 10 am. Cold air is hitting my face as I am rushing on North End Road to get my morning coffee in Hampstead. I have a million things to in this intermediate period after Chanukah, which finished yesterday, and New Year’s Eve which is tomorrow. As I approach Golders Hill Park I suddenly turn my head left and see a huge sign painted in pink on the bus stop on the other side of the road: ‘Jihad for Israel.’

At first I cannot really see properly what is written there – I think that I might not have seen quite well, but as pass another bus stop, on my side of the pavement this time, another pink paint draws my attention: ‘Jihad for Israel’, and right next to it: ‘Kill Jews.’

‘That is absolutely disgusting!, ‘ I think, realizing that recent events in Israel and Gaza must have had something to do with it. Sadly, a vandal who wrote those pink statements did not really comprehend the complicity of the current events in the Middle East, nor did he try to acknowledge that the Jewish people all over the world, and in London in particular, have absolutely nothing to do with the recent decisions of the Israeli government to target the Palestinian terrorists.

In the midst of my though process, I realize that I must do something about it. I call 118500 from my mobile to get a number to CST, but I it seems impossible to get through.

I fell guilty that I did not do more than that. As a matter of fact, I should have brought some paints and killed the terrible statements. I did not do that though, but rather carried on with my own routine. Nevertheless, I felt obliged to write about the horrific case of anti-Semitism that I was a witness of in between Golders Green and Hampstead on the morning of 30th of December 2008.

Kala Jerzy

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