Norman Geras isn’t joking


7 Responses to “Norman Geras isn’t joking”

  1. Englender Says:

    Most Americans are pro Israel, period there is no “pushing around” involved.

    Interesting that the Guardian should be parroting the antisemitic point that any favorable view of Israel or Jews is a sign of Jewish influence.

  2. PetraMB Says:

    I think Norm’s last paragraph should be mandatory reading…

  3. Saul Says:

    Since we are in the zone of predictions, I don’t think that the atrocity should it come will be directed at Jewish institutions, places of worship, etc.
    An attack on Jews directly would or could lead to some notion of sympathy or equivalence.

    On the contrary, antisemitic terror will be aimed at other UK citizens. I say that because the logic of antisemitism is to separate out Jews from other co-nationals. In the current mood, the response to such an atrocity would be that of asking why “we” should suffer for what “they” have done. This would have the “advantage” for the antisemitic goal of separating “Jews” from the “English” and seeing the former as responsible for the harm that has befallen the latter.

    (This consequence was in embryonic evidence in the wake of 9/11 both in the idea that it was all Israel’s fault for its policy in the OT and/or for the idea that all the Jews were told to stay away from work that day.)

  4. luny Says:

    The Guardian has editorials from clearly identified pro-IDF people, clearly identified pro-Hamas people and a pretty broad selection of in-betweens.
    A “liberal” US paper such as the LA times has an in-uniform IDF PR-representative write an op-ed, and labels him as an “expert” from a think-tank
    ( )

    Yes, overall, the media in Britain, as far as Israel-Palestine go, is much freer and more objective than in the US.

  5. zkharya Says:

    Board of Deputies cancels Sunday’s pro-Israel demonstration. ‘can’t find it on the website, only Michael Rosen’s comment on Seymour’s latest:

    The Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council, in consultation with a coalition of prominent organisations in the Anglo-Jewish community, have decided to cancel the planned Israel Solidarity Rally, due to occur on Sunday 11th of January.

    This decision has been taken after intense discussions within the community, due to a feeling that such a demonstration would not be in accordance with the Board’s wish to bring the conflict to an immediate conclusion. It was thought that the demonstration might be perceived as the community taking one side in the tragic war in Gaza and Israel, and might be seen as supporting Israel’s military campaign.

    The Board calls for an immediate ceasefire, immediate negotiations between Israel and Hamas, and for lifting the economic blockade of Gaza, in order to allow the Gazan and Israeli people to live together in peace. There is no military solution, only a political one.

    The Jewish community does not wish to be seen as a participant in the conflict, and in taking this stand we hope to be a part of the solution. The Board stands in solidarity with the besieged and injured people of Gaza, as well as the victims of terrorism in Israel, and we oppose all violence as contrary to the tenets of the Jewish religion. We would like to reach out to the British Muslim community, as well as those of no religion who have demonstrated against Israel’s military campaign-we share your anguish at the destruction and loss of life caused, and hope that our action in calling off our demonstration will be a small step towards peace.

    Board of Deputies of British Jews and The Jewish Leadership Council
    MichaelRosen | Homepage | 9 Jan, 17:00 | #

  6. Objserver Says:

    “Freer” – what do you mean by this notion of “freer”. Free from what, free from whom? Do you mean the US government – the usual meaning of freedom of the press?

  7. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Good thing Zkharya is wrong, isn’t it? that what he reports is a fiction. See you later today Zac?

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