Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian and American Environmental Policy students ask “Where do we go from here?”

Anxiety about the environment cuts across all local and national conflict, and environmentalists in the Middle East understand that it is simply not possible to isolate each other. Such a sense of a shared existence is the bedrock of a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

At the Arava Institute of Environmental Studies in Israel’s Negev Desert, Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian and American Environmental Studies students consider coexistence and ask “Where do we go from here“? These students give some of the most powerful arguments for peace that I have read in a while.

“The recent violence in Gaza and southern Israel has weighed heavily on the students here – possibly the only place in Israel where Palestinian and Israeli students continue to look each other in the eye day-to-day and ponder their common present and future.  Needless to say, their studies, as in the rest of Israel and Palestine, have been disrupted directly and indirectly by tragic current events.  But here, uniquely, we are trying to use the event to strengthen our collective vision, rather than further divide.

Within the context of our pre-scheduled lecture on regional environmental policy (with guest lecturer, Green Movement-Meimad candidate Dr. Shmuel Brenner), I asked the students three questions regarding their vision of the future for the region, and how we we get from where we are now to where we want to be.”

Read the whole thing on Greener Israel, the unofficial blog of Israel’s new political party, the Israel Green Movement – Meimad.

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“No to IDF, No to Hamas”

An AWL activist who took a placard on a Palestine Solidarity demonstration in Sheffield which said “No to IDF, No to Hamas” had it physically taken off her by the Chair of the Sheffield PSC and watched him stamp on it and then destroy it.

Evidently to say “No” to an antisemitic, misogynist, homophobic, anti-democratic, anti-socialist, anti-trade union organization puts you outside of what is legitimate in the Palestine Solidarity movement nowadays – in Sheffield at least.

Who could object to such an even handed slogan?

Who could object to such an even handed slogan?

What's happening to the placard?

What's happening to the placard?

Placard not allowed

Placard not allowed

Supporters of the SWP supported the removal of the placard.

These images and more, as well as the  story, on Indyedia here.

AWL website, here.

If you really care about peace

Another response to the Gaza protests from an Israeli peace activist who is resolute, pretty-near-tireless, but badly let down, ending:

“If you really care, help the people doing good on the ground. All your chanting and picketing doesn’t twitch a single donkey’s hair in the middle east. It hasn’t saved the life of a single child. Hamas will still do what it thinks it should, and so will the Israeli government. I’ll let you in on a secret: you didn’t topple Apartheid either: De Klerk and Mandela did it. All your fancy petitions and demonstrations serve one purpose: to make you feel better about yourself, allow you to feel morally superior. Fuck that. Save the money you spend on your post-demo cappuccino, and donate it to one of these. Or pay for them to publish a half-page ad in the guardian in place of your righteous hate banter.”

Followed by a list of better ways to help.

More antisemitic attacks on Starbucks

See Brett, on HP.

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