“No to IDF, No to Hamas”

An AWL activist who took a placard on a Palestine Solidarity demonstration in Sheffield which said “No to IDF, No to Hamas” had it physically taken off her by the Chair of the Sheffield PSC and watched him stamp on it and then destroy it.

Evidently to say “No” to an antisemitic, misogynist, homophobic, anti-democratic, anti-socialist, anti-trade union organization puts you outside of what is legitimate in the Palestine Solidarity movement nowadays – in Sheffield at least.

Who could object to such an even handed slogan?

Who could object to such an even handed slogan?

What's happening to the placard?

What's happening to the placard?

Placard not allowed

Placard not allowed

Supporters of the SWP supported the removal of the placard.

These images and more, as well as the  story, on Indyedia here.

AWL website, here.

12 Responses to ““No to IDF, No to Hamas””

  1. Mira Vogel Says:

    Reminds me of what happened to Robin Sivapalan when he turned up to an earlier demo flying an Israeli flag alongside the Palestinian one.

    This phenomenon, the spike in antisemitism, and the ongoing failure to help peace activists on the ground are the reasons I’m so disappointed in that Israel must lose letter signed by 322 academics, some of whom are respected colleagues of mine.

  2. Observer Says:

    I blame not only the person clapping, but each and every one who stood by and did nothing.

  3. Observer Says:

    And, no, it’s not an analogy.

  4. Andras Kartal Says:

    Whoa – Now you wonder why Jewish Lefties who condemn IDF and support two-state solution based on real justice for Palestinians feel VERY uncomfortable going to these peace demos when they see ugly anti-semitic slogans waved around – without a word from rally organisers.

    Meanwhile these rally organisers feel it is OK to tell someone holding an even handed banner that this view cannot participate in a peace rally.

  5. Saul Says:

    So, this is what it is like when someone takes seriously Tamami’s slogan “We are all Hamas now”……………….

    First thing you do is to stomp over anything you disagree with.

  6. Duncan Bryson Says:

    I attended a similar rally in Birmingham. I did so wearing a Gush Shalom badge that has both a palestinian and israeli flag on it. I also handed out leaflets I had picked up from an exhibition called ‘another Israel’ which outlines the work of many Israeli peace groups and joint Israeli / Palestinian ventures. Many people were cynical, many uninterested, few were convinced, but no one was openly hostile. I believe most of the people on the protest were just shocked be the suffering of ordinary palestinians and were there to express that. It is important that we engage with others on the left, often supporters of palestinian solidarity groups, who are open to other interpretations to those who run hose groups. I think it was important I was at that march to show that those who oppose the demonisation of Israel also oppose the bombing of gaza. We have more in common than we may think.

    Having said that many people’s passions were enflamed further by factors ‘external to the situation in the middle east’; they felt they were protesting against colonialism, against american world domination, against racism in general, or, in the case of a very small minority, against jews. But if no one is there to argue with them then how will they know any better?

  7. Woody Says:

    Saying ‘no’ to a legitimate and democratically elected government resisting an oppressor… where does that lead?

  8. Shmuel Says:

    “Who could object to such an even handed slogan?”

    Those who think equating a defensive army of a democratic nation with a racist terrorist organization is improper?

  9. Bill Says:

    Woody, it leads to recognizing that having “that one last free and fair election” where “reform” means tossing the guys who lost the election out of the country (or out of this life) doesn’t make Hamas a democratic government.

  10. Observer Says:

    Not sure what Woody’s comment has to do with the thuggish actions of a Sheffield PSC guy against a placard of someone with whom his disagrees.

    Interestingly, of course, he legitimates Hamas and, in so doing, appears to legitimate the thug in the pictures above (same tactics, same support)

    I just love the “democratic elected” argument.

    I bet this thug also holds an elected position, so, no criticism allowed since he too is “democratically elected” (as was Bush, Thatcher, Mugabe, and, dare we say, because it is true, Hitler, both of whom who also positioned themselves as resistance against a colonialist opposition – although that is where the comparison between the situation pertaining in the Ruhr, Alsace Lorrain and in present-day Gaza ends).

  11. Inna Says:

    The really disheartening thing are the images of the passers-by who looked on and said and did nothing. From the images it’s quite evident that the people at that demonstration were fanatics; the passers-by though were not. They were just people who looked at fanaticism and let fanatics have their way.

  12. Karl Pfeifer Says:

    Hamas supporters in LA: “Put the Jews back in the Ovens”

    Added: January 18, 2009
    Duration: 02:02

    Los Angeles, January 6, 2009 in front of the Israeli Consulate. One group supporting Israel’s right to self defense as any other nation. The other group supports the Hamas terror organization, the destruction of Israel and the mass extermination of Jews, celebrating the Nazi holocaust.


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