A boycotter turns pragmatist

Passing over some bum notes about Jews needing to condemn things, I thought this in Malaysia’s The Star made sense. After a resumé of the author’s earlier boycott of American products in response to Iraq, the piece ends with the resumption of relations with A&W root beer and:

“We must be willing to attack ourselves in a louder voice than when we attack each other. Peace cannot be a one-sided thing where we proudly criticise the Goliath while continue to turn a blind eye to catapults that continually pester him (please pardon the biblical irony).

I feel that a more effective route than a boycott is to seek like-minded people from the other side who also agree that we should seek peace above all else. Don’t go to a masjid to hear an anti-Israel ceramah; go to a synagogue to find Jews who condemn the war. Make friends with them, take the first step together towards a common goal.”

Read it all.