Alex Stein on prospects for peace

HummusSpecial offer from Alex Stein on

“…free hummus still on offer to anyone who can tell me of a single example in history of a group – other than Hizbollah in 2006 – succeeding in liberating territory and then attempting to goad the occupier back in…”

One Response to “Alex Stein on prospects for peace”

  1. Ryan Says:

    This quote is shameful in my opinion and the article is a bunch of rushed nonesense – Alex Stein at the time of writing it had no evidence of who was responsible for the attacks but happily presumed away-

    After Suceeding to liberate their territory?? – After they Israel decided to stop bombing them because of international pressure you mean.

    And then this quote tries to portray some kind of confusion as to why after over a thousand people have been killed, and their borders are still closed, anyone might attack Israeli soldiers – how ridiculous a notion.

    This shouldnt even be on this website – Is this site not supposed to be about anti-semitism?? What has this quote or article got to do with Anti-Semitism exactly?

    Sounds like the latest Zionest news to me rather than anything important regarding AntiSemitism.

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