Some links to catch up with

Schoolgirl ‘terrorised’ by mob – antisemitic attack in Britain – Leon Symons in the JC

Toxic atmosphere’ at Oxford University – Simon Rocker in the JC

Did anyone notice that the Bush administration didn’t bomb Iran? – Judeosphere

Ahmadinejad’s Christian Soldiers – Seismic Shock on Stephen Sizer

The End of the Dreyfus Affair – George Galloway’s weird “J’accuse” – David T

UNRWA halts aid to Gaza – Because Hamas was stealing it – Brett on HP

Boycotting Israel: Enter the Dockers – Ben Cohen on Cosatu’s action against an Israeli ship in South Africa

3 Responses to “Some links to catch up with”

  1. Bill Says:

    From the Toxic Piece: “The incident is also said to have disturbed some Jewish academics. One University Reader reportedly told a meeting that ‘within five years, Oxford will be a Jew-free zone’.”

    Reportedly? (And followed up by a ‘a relatively lenient course of action’ against the students and presumably the mystery lecturer.) This lecturer presumably has a name. Academic Freedom and due process arguably protects students in the due process pipe from breaches of confidentiality (the latter of which only in the classroom except in rare cases). For Faculty, AF doesn’t cover RRA or equivalent law violations and some transparency has to be called both for the faculty member and the overall campus climate. The reader has a name, and like Jenna (“honestly I didn’t think a page that said ‘what ever happened to eugenics’ in plain sight was antisemetic”) Delich, people should know it and judge the owner appropriately.

    Either this didn’t happen (if so the JC should report it correctly), or it DID happen and

    a) Mystery Reader got off of what should be an explicit violation of RRA, and the academic freedom of the to-be-purged Jewish faculty and students — both of which should be terminal offenses.


    b) this is another example of antisemitism and antisemetic acts without antisemites (perhaps, the words were channeled through the non-antisemitc reader’s dentalwork).

    If B. Keep that fantasy up folks.

  2. Jonathan Romer Says:

    Whoa up, Bill. I read that same article and identified the Reader who predicted a Jew-free Oxford as one of the aforementioned disturbed Jewish academics. How to read that sentence depends entirely on whether he or she’s disturbed or gloating, and we’re not given sufficient clues one way or the other.

  3. Bill Says:

    What whoa, Jonathan? Even though the statement and the comments of the disturbed faculty are in the same paragraph, for me that statement could swing either way and JC really ought to clarify (as I indicated to some point above). You’d think that a concurred Reader who opposed the school becoming Judenfrei would have been identified with no issue (unless, of course, the environment is more toxic against Jews than we’d fear). Either way, it would be nice to know who One University Reader is (heck, that could be his or her real name, since it’s all capitalized). It’s nice to know who has your back – and who wants to stick a knife in it.

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