UCU NEC Elections

Ballot papers for the NEC elections in the UCU will be dropping into members’ in trays in the next few days. Below we reproduce advice from a group of independent NEC members – sometimes known as the ‘unity network.’ This group provides the best hope of redirecting the union towards genuine representation of its members.

We think this is good advice for those who wish to curb the control of the union by the pro-boycott slate put forward by SWP/UCUleft.

(In the election for president, whilst both Terry Hoad and Stephen Desmond are opponents of a boycott of Israeli universities, Stephen has been a very clear and outspoken voice on the NEC, and for this reason we think he deserves your first preference, with second preferences going to Terry. We reprint the recommendations of the unity network unchanged and in full below, and trust you to make up your own minds).

We will publish candidates responses to questions from Engage in a separate post. Please vote, encourage your colleagues to vote, and pass on this message.

Dear Friends,

Please find below a list of recommendations for the current round of UCU elections. The list is a recommendation, designed to maximise the number of seats these candidates can win: if you have your own preferences please follow them but continue preferences for these candidates. The candidates listed below all strongly support the position that the priorities for UCU must be to put workplace and industrial issues to the forefront of the agenda. Unlike others in the election, all of the candidates below were free to write their own manifestoes and set out their priorities directly to you, the members. All are free to vote on their own platform and will vote in the NEC according to the arguments made on issues, not according to policy decisions determined in external bodies to stifle debate in the NEC.

While voting may seem a laborious process, we would strongly encourage you to vote this year, as the NEC more than any other body sets the direction which the Union takes. Please exercise the preferences to cover all those in the list: the first two years have proven that transfers and fractions of votes are vital in the election. In addition, please resist the urge to only vote in sector-specific elections.

Also please forward this list to as many colleagues and UCU members as possible encouraging them to vote through unofficial e-mail lists, research lists etc (NB: UNLESS IT HAS BEEN SANCTIONED THROUGH COMMITTEES OR GENERAL MEETINGS, PLEASE DO NOT USE BRANCH MEMBER LISTS AS CANDIDATES HAVE BEEN WARNED ABOUT THIS). Voting does make a difference in this election as there are vast differences between candidates as to what the union’s priorities and directions should be.

Vice-president from the higher education sector

  • Terry Hoad (University of Oxford) # 1
  • Stephen Desmond (Thames Valley University)# 2

Honorary Treasurer

  • Alan Carr (Open University) #1
  • Fawzi Ibrahim (College of North West London) # 2

North West, higher education sector (2 seats)

Recommend that those in University of Manchester, Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University vote Dobson(1), Brooks (2), Other NW members vote Brooks (1) Dobson (2)

  • Roger Brooks (University of Liverpool)
  • John Dobson (University of Salford)

South, higher education sector (3 seats)

Recommend that those in the University of Kent post-92 institutions (except Portsmouth) and vote Hayes (1); Sussex, Southampton, Exeter, Bath, Bristol and Portsmouth vote Guild (1); Open, Oxford, Surrey and Reading vote Kane (1). After that vote the remaining two candidates #2 and #3

  • Jim Guild (University of Sussex)
  • Dennis Hayes (Canterbury Christ Church University)
  • Lesley Kane (Open University)

Scotland (HE): Honorary Secretary

  • Angela Roger (University of Dundee)

Scotland (HE): President

  • Lesley McIntosh (Robert Gordon University)

UK-elected members, further education (5 seats, at least one in land-based education, at least two women)

  • Monica Goligher (Belfast Metropolitan College) woman
  • Tricia Gott (Bradford College) woman
  • Kathy Taylor (Northumberland College) woman

UK-elected members, higher education (7 seats, at least one post-92, at least two women)

  • Dave Anderson (University of Glasgow)
  • Philip Burgess (University of Dundee)
  • John Dobson (University of Salford)
  • Jimmy Donaghey (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Joe Gluza (University of Cambridge)
  • Anne-marie Greene (University of Warwick) woman
  • Bob Langridge (Oxford Brookes University) post-92
  • Bethan Norfor (Open University) woman

Representative of disabled members

  • Roger Walters (Open University) HE

Representative of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members

  • Stephen Desmond (Thames Valley University) HE

9 Responses to “UCU NEC Elections”

  1. University and College Union NEC elections « Greens Engage Says:

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  2. Clap Hammer Says:

    Seems like a lovely letter.

    Typical British understatement for a very serious aberration that has occurred in the UCU.

    As time passes, one tends to forget that the far extremist left are somewhat experienced in subverting unions and other organisations to their own extremist ideas.

  3. Saul Says:

    “Gavin Reid” now where have I heard that name before?

  4. Jon Says:

    What is Saul on about?

  5. Saul Says:

    “Gavid Reid” has made some stupid comments in the past. He has signed the letter. He is part of UCU left. It tell us the “politics” of the UCU left. This is why voting in a Union election is of vital import.
    That is what I am “going on about”

  6. Jon Says:

    Saul, I now understand. However, “the letter” that you talk about isn’t the letter from the unity network, printed above. It’s another letter, which has been reproduced on the politics UK website in an article which links through to the item above… The item above doesn’t mention Gavin Reid at all.

    Strictly speaking, unless someone clicked through to the piece on politics UK, your comment was incomprehensible.

    Moreover, there was a possible further confusion. Gavin Reid is certainly closely allied with UCULeft now. However, he wasn’t in the past, and was on an earlier list (2007?) endorse by the unity network. It’s worth noting that support for him has been withdrawn. This is related to the ‘stupid comments’ you highlight. So when you comment on a piece with a unity network list but without a particular name, and say, rather gnomically ‘Ah, GR’ then there’s plenty of scope for confusion.

    That’s all.

  7. UCU NEC Elections - Engage recommends… « Engage - the anti-racist campaign against antisemitism Says:

    […] and transgender members: Stephen Desmond Deadline is 5 March. For more information from Engage, click here. Posted in […]

  8. Saul Says:

    Sorry for the confusion. He was a signature of the letter featured from the UK politics letter posted in the comment section; hence my comment.
    I am aware Engage withdrew its support for him and the reasons why.
    I now look forward to some good news on the outcome of the elections.

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