Open letter to the editor of the Guardian from Workers’ Liberty

workers libertyDear Alan Rusbridger,

The Guardian is the “house organ” of most of the non-Muslim people who took part in the two big demonstrations during the Gaza war. A vigorous campaign by the Guardian against anti-semitism on the “left” might do much good.

On Saturday 7 February, the Guardian carried an editorial, “Language and History”, denouncing anti-semitism and specifically the “anti-Zionist” anti-semitism that is now commonplace, remarking on the growth of anti-semitic incidents in Britain (now on average, one per day, and increasing).

Unfortunately, the editorial seriously misdefined the realities of what it discussed, and pussyfooted around the issue….

Read the rest here, on the Workers’ Liberty website.

2 Responses to “Open letter to the editor of the Guardian from Workers’ Liberty”

  1. Jonathan Hoffman Says:

    Shame on the Guardian for its institutional antisemitism

    Click to access CommentIsFree_ParliamentASCttee_July08.pdf

  2. PetraMB Says:

    Impressive letter!

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