“Shame on the Zionists” – York University, Canada

Mira adds: Things are bad for Jews on that campus, but only the other day a York University student Independent Jewish Voices member said “the Jews who feel afraid on campus, I think, are afraid of the extreme pro-Israeli lobby”. Jews who didn’t want to campaign against Israel thought otherwise. Some have been threatened and assaulted. Some went to an earlier rally dressed as the IDF, which you can view as both inflammatory and defensive at the same time. The schism is profound, Haniyeh and Lieberman must be thrilled – if they are looking. The Students Against Israeli Apartheid say:

“Palestinians are not questioning a Jewish homeland. They just want equal rights just like Jewish people want … we are trying to say that Zionism is different from Judaism. Zionism is a political ideology that hinges on the expulsion of the indigenous people of Palestine, who are the Palestinians. It is not rooted in religion; it uses religion to further political ambition.”

These things together constitute an untenable position. Isn’t it obvious that condemning Zionism involves, if anything, rejecting the idea of a Jewish homeland? But this acceptance of a Jewish homeland is something to build on.

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