Dave Rich looks at the Israel/Nazis analogy

On Harry’s Place and on FairPlay.org.uk. Well worth a read.

“Once the central argument of anti-Israel campaigning in this country is that Israel is Nazi Germany, then this is no longer an anti-Zionist movement: it is an antisemitic one, with an antisemitic politics as its driving force.”

See also Mira Vogel’s description of an event held at Goldsmiths to make propaganda for the view that contemporary Gaza should rightly be compared to the Warsaw Ghetto.

See also David Hirsh on the Nazi/Zionist analogy: “But it is more than false. It is vile. Why can’t you see that the designation of ‘Zionists’ as Nazis is vile? Why don’t you feel it in your political bones? Why doesn’t it set your internal racism alarms ringing”

See also David Hirsh on the right to remember the Holocaust without being told that Israelis are comitting a new Holocaust: “A person who thinks that Nazi Germany is like Israel (or today’s Britain or EU or America, for that matter) appears not to understand what was particular about Nazism. It is actually a form of Holocaust denial: ‘Oh the Holocaust is not really such a big deal – it was rather like contemporary British immigration policy; it is nothing unique, it is rather like the struggle over land between Israel and Palestine.”

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