Campo Antiimperialista

“It is a plot planned by the oppressing powers, world imperialism and Zionist movement to be used as a president against the third world to subdue to their direct wills and dictations.”

What is? Find out here. HT Karl P

2 Responses to “Campo Antiimperialista”

  1. Efraim Says:

    The screed reminds me of Pinter’s support for Milosevich.

    What is about these “anti-imperialists” who can’t stop supporting genocidal dictators?

    There must be something in anti Imperialist ideology that blinds them to compassion and sets them dreaming about revenge.

  2. Karl Pfeifer Says:

    It reminds me of Noam Chomsky’s support for Pol Pot.
    They dream about liquidating democratic regimes everywhere and are ready to join Islamists and Extreme Right. Their main motive is antisemitism, which is mainly directed against the Jewish state and the Jewish community.

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