Israel as the new Third Reich

picture1From “It’s Almost Supernatural”:

The City Press is the Sunday newspaper with the third largest readership in South Africa. Last week’s edition contained an outstandingly repulsive article from Professor Ali Mazrui entitled “Is Israel bent on becoming the new Third Reich”.

Read the whole piece here, which concludes:

Unfortunately, articles such as this are becoming the staple diet for South African readers. It’s a tide that cannot be stemmed. And of course, it’s not just plaguing South Africa, as these articles can be found anywhere around the world. The difference with South Africa is that there is no pro-Israel/America alternative. It’s the same old drek wherever you look.

For more on what is happening in South Africa, read Alana Pugh-Jones on Engage.

4 Responses to “Israel as the new Third Reich”

  1. Another Observer Says:

    I am confused. I thought the Lobby controlled the world’s media?
    How is this exception to be explained? Was the struggle against apartheid nothing but the struggle against Zionist power, so that when one fell so did the other; and it is this fact that has allowed SA to “speak truth to power”? Or is it just racist bullshit?

    Where are all those weeping liberals sincerely trying to understand how people who have been so badly treated in the past can act this way to Others today? Or, is that just racist bullshit?

  2. Joshua Says:

    “Ali Alamin Mazrui (born February 24, 1933 in Mombasa, Kenya) is an academic and political writer on African and Islamic studies. He is an Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities and the Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at the State University of New York at Binghamton.”

    More here about Mazrui’s possible links to terror groups (a rather ugly website but there might be some truth in what they say)

    Mazrui talks to the Nelson Mandela Foundation

    “As you know, I live in the United States part of my time, and I can criticise Uncle Sam with impunity within the United States, and yet within the same United States, it‘s risky for most people to criticise the state of Israel. I have known people whose tenure at universities has been compromised or cancelled because they express views sympathetic to the Palestinians. Israel is virtually the only country which enjoys impunity at the United Nations because anytime a resolution is proposed that is critical of Israel, the United States ensures that it does not pass. There is a sense that Israel enjoys greater impunity than the United States itself on the world scene. ”

  3. Bill Says:

    What a laugh. US universities are filled with demonizers of Israel. And at some schools, smearing Israel and infantilizing the Palestinians is a sure way for people on the Everything’s-Political-Side-of-Campus to win a couple friends on the T&P committee.

    No doubt Mazrui is talking about good old Norm Finkelstein — who disdainfully treated DePaul as his exile from NY high society and spoke openly of it, demeaning the very institution that had the poor judgement of giving him a job.

  4. Sean Doyle Says:

    Not true. At my school in Brooklyn a teacher was accused of anti semitism for agreeing with kids advertizing peace vigils during the Gaza attack. A reporter from the NY post came to the school, and his house asking about anti semitic teachers. McCarthyism is alive and well.

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