Elders of Zion to retire

The Forward has the scoop.

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Fundraising fairtrade calendar of paintings by Jewish and Palestinian women

Paintings from the Bread and Roses calendar

Paintings from the Bread and Roses calendar

By email:

“Dear Partners & Friends of WAC-Maan,

WAC – Ma’an has printed in cooperation with the fair trade association Sindyanna of Galilee, the “Bread and Roses” Calendar for 2010. (Some of you have already received this offer from Sindyanna or Challenge)

The new Calendar consists of 12 paintings by Palestinian and Jewish women living in Israel. The works are among hundreds from an exhibit called Bread and Roses, which recently took place in Tel Aviv. The income from sales went to help WAC finding jobs for Arab women.

We would kindly ask Unions and related organization to consider purchasing the Calendar for their members or for their staff and in that way help promote solidarity with Palestinian women workers and advance the work of these women artists who contributed to a project that promotes peace and solidarity.

See the Calendar’s cover page above or go to Sindyanna’s website to see more details.

Organizations and groups are invited to send us their orders NOW!

Price per calendar (100 items and above) including postage: 6 US$ / 4.7 Euro / 4 BP
For orders beyond 100 items, please request a price quotation at sindyan@netvision.net.il

Assaf Adiv
National Coordinator
WAC Ma’an
Nazareth Israel
Office: +972-4-6020680
Mobil: +972-50-4330034
E mail: assafa@maan.org.il
Web site: http://www.wac-maan.org.il”

Hat tip: Eric Lee.

Stop The War – The demagogues’ self-praise

“What is demagogy? It is a deliberate play with sham values in politics, the dissemination of false promises and the solace of non-existent blessings.” Leon Trotsky, The Stalin School of Falsification (1937)

Read Paul Hampton on Andrew Murray and Lindsay German’s account of their leadership of the “Stop the War Coalition” in Britain.