Seven Muslim Children

Letter in the Irish Times:

Madam, – I’m going to write a short play, and the title will be “Seven Muslim Children”. It’s going to be a “10-minute history of Islam” and will consist of a series of short dialogues in which Muslim parents, teachers and clerics teach their children to hate. They teach them to hate the West, to hate Jews, to hate globalisation, to hate democracy, to hate everything except Islam. No entrance fee will be charged, but viewers should make a donation to a charity for children orphaned by 9/11.

I wonder if the Abbey would be interested in staging it. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.

4 Responses to “Seven Muslim Children”

  1. zkharya Says:

    But a history of Islam is not the antithesis to that of Israel or Zionism. That would be a history of Palestinian and/or Arab Christian and Islamic nationalism, from the late 19th century or from the 1930s, including all the nasty bits.

    I wonder if that is why the BBC said it could never be shown?

  2. Lynne T Says:


    by “all the nasty bits” I presume you refer to some less than proud moments in the history of the British Mandate.

  3. Bill Says:

    The modest proposal’s an off-color satire but so many satires are by necessity.

    But may be a better offering would be to show the best of Hamas Kiddie Vid with it’s naked incitement and hate mongering (not to mention the explicit cultivation of Child Soldiers – the only example in the world that I know of where Child Soldiers are given silent approval by the “human rights” clique).

    Unfortunately it would demonstrate that satire, even well executed satire, can pale next to the real McCoy.

  4. Lynne T Says:


    How true. A fairly successful Canadian playwright and novelist once told of his early days as a reporter for a very small rural Ontario weekly newspaper in the early 1970s.

    One of the first stories he had to cover was a show of never-before exhibited photographs of “erotic furniture” that had belonged to Catherine the Great being held at a local old folks’ home because the owner of the photos couldn’t find any other venue. His observation: nobody could conceivably make up a story like that on their own.

    But the problem here doesn’t really lie with Hamas. It lies with those who are supposedly concerned with human rights and persist in believing that 250+ million Arabs live in misery because 6 million Jews live in Israel, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. A play on that theme would cast more light on the issue.

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