Five British Children – Shalom Lappin

Shalom Lappin on British hypocrisy.

See also David Adler: Easy, Fedid and Smug.

4 Responses to “Five British Children – Shalom Lappin”

  1. Saul Says:

    Now, that is good!

    • Brian Goldfarb Says:

      And Shalom’ not even an English lecturer. He’s an expert in some esoteric computing-related field that I couldn’rt begin to understand, and I couldn’t even match his opening 3 lines.

      And I’m sure that Jacqueline Rose couldn’t either.

  2. zkharya Says:

    A lot more honest and informative than Churchill’s rubbish. That could go into the Dragon Book of Verse.

  3. azazel Says:

    He’s friends with an Indian family.
    They came from Mauritius.
    They’re going back to visit, and he wants to go with them.
    Show him the beauties of the island.
    Show him Port Louis.
    Don’t show him the shantytowns.
    Don’t show him the people who live there.
    He might ask how they got there.
    Don’t tell him that we brought them by force.
    Don’t tell him about the islands where they lived for 150 years.
    After all, _we_ would never ethnically cleanse people.
    Certainly not in the 1970s.
    Only Zionists do ethnic cleansing.
    Don’t tell him about how we tricked them
    And how we gassed their dogs to get them on the boats
    And how we left them on the docks with nothing.
    He’d never understand.
    It’s too complicated.
    Tell him the Americans asked for it.
    Tell him they were just man Fridays anyway.
    They weren’t a people, they didn’t have a culture.
    Sir Paul Gore-Booth said so.
    But don’t tell him about the ones in Britain
    Or about how our government never let them go home
    Even when the courts ordered.
    And the courts reversed themselves anyway.
    Don’t tell him that happened last year.
    It’s way too complicated.
    And besides, there’s no such thing as a right of return
    Except where the Zionists are concerned.
    Our courts said so
    And so did our government.
    And that’s all he needs to learn
    Because we are fair
    And we are just
    And we are good.

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