South African Jewish Board of Deputies make formal complaint against COSATU

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies have issued a press statement indicating that they have laid a formal complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission against Cosatu’s International Relations secretary Bongani Masuku.

Masuku has been featured extensively on this blog for his crazed outbursts against South African Jews who support Israel. Amongst other things, he has called on Israel-supporting Jews to leave South Africa (said in an email to me) and threatened students at Wits University that he (and Cosatu I assume, as he was representing them at the talk) would make their lives “hell”.

More on It’s Almost Supernatural.

7 Responses to “South African Jewish Board of Deputies make formal complaint against COSATU”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    What took them so long?

  2. Anthony Posner Says:

    I ask myself the same question.
    The SAJBD’s answer would be that lawyers had to decide precisely what to do and that it takes time.

  3. Anthony Posner Says:

    Unfortunately, Masuku did not tell the Zionist students precisely what methods Cosatu will use to force them out of South Africa.

    As a precursor to “forced emigration”, Masuku said that Cosatu would make the lives of all Zionists… “hell”. What precisely did Masuku mean??…

    (1) After the election, is Cosatu going to arrest such students and take them to special Cosatu camps for re-education?

    (2) Will such camps be open to Red Cross observers?

    (3) Will South African Jewish students be tortured or will they just have to attend anti-zionist lectures?

    (4) Will Cosatu supply kosher food or will it be run on Nazi guidelines with limited non-kosher rations?

    It is important that Cosatu now informs the SA electorate exactly what methods they will use to deal with The South African Jewish Question.

  4. Anthony Posner Says:

    It is quite clear that Bongani Masuku has Cosatu’s official support.
    Nobody from Cosatu has distanced the union from what he has said. One must conclude that Cosatu supports Masuku 100%.

  5. Joshua Says:

    “I don’t care whether it is antisemitic” — Bongani Masuku

  6. Anthony Posner Says:

    It is important for readers of this blog to understand that Cosatu, along with The South African Comminist Party, is one part of the ANC tripartide alliance.
    As a result, Cosatu is politically powerful. It is not just involved with wage negotiations and worker’s rights. For this reason, its statements are particulary worrying because they can soon be at the hear of the Zuma administration. Of course, it is too early to predict precisely how influential Cosatu will be, but as time proceeds it is likely that its power will increase.

  7. Anthony Posner Says:

    Where are Engage’s editorial guidelines? If they are not published on the site, precisely on what basis do you decide whether to publish a comment?

    Are you operating your blog in a similar way to Ben Cohen? ie….there are no editorial guidelines and you decide what to publish on an ad hoc basis?

    I believe that you are wasting your time publishing editorials if you are unwilling for them to be rigorously scrutinized. It is a bit like getting a degree, without having any of your papers marked!

    Moreover, how can you demand a fairer mainstream media re Israel, if you are unwilling to publish comments that are antithetical to your beliefs ?

    It is nice to have a blog. But a blog, without freedom of expression, is worthless. It is inherently medieval, and although hi-tech, predates The Enlightenment by a few hundred years. Of course, that might be the era that Goldsmiths inhabits but there is no reason whatsoever for such ideas to filter onto the internet!

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