Geras on the Israel/Nazi analogy

“…Nazi-analogy critics don’t generally apply their favoured analogy elsewhere than in the Israeli case, they don’t often use potentially apt comparisons between Israel and other cases that would be less hateful to Jews, and they use the analogy precisely to magnify the parallels and minimize the discrepancies between Israel and Nazism. I submit, therefore, that there are strong grounds for seeing a certain malice in use of the analogy, and as this malice is aimed specifically, aimed by the very particularity of its shape, at Jews, it is hard to know what else to call it but anti-Semitism.”

Read the whole piece on Normblog.

3 Responses to “Geras on the Israel/Nazi analogy”

  1. Gil Says:

    Reading the piece by Michael Brull that Norm links to, one is struck by the sheer malice of some of the commenters: Holocaust denial; lies about Israeli policies. I mean clear verifiable lies. The Holocaust denier actually had the nerve to claim that revising downward the number of Holocaust victims is a cause for celebration (that more Jews survived). At the same time using Finklestein to support her anti-Zionist views – the same Finklestein who clearly does accept a number of victims very close to the official figure. You couldn’t make it up!

    Then you have those who claim that anyone criticizing Israel is shut out of the debate etc. Interesting that with so many critics of Israel being ‘shut out’ they seem to be everywhere on the blogsphere.

    The test that must be put to someone who claims that Israel is is like Nazi Germany is as follows: Where is the evidence that Israel’s policies are the same as Nazi Germany’s eliminationist policies? Where is the evidence that you have called any other country’s crimes akin to Nazi Germany’s? If you can’t produce the evidence then you are arguing in bad faith and as such you should be shut out of the debate.

    To the boycotters:
    Where is the evidence that you also campaigned against other countries’ abuses – as you say you do – with the same energy, fervour,and passion that you campaign against Israel? If you can’t produce this evidence then you are simply arguing in bad faith, with malice. You have no right to be engaged in a debate as you are at best intellectually dishonest.

    Bring proof of one responsible, sane person who says that all criticism of Israel is a priori antisemitic? You can’t do that? Then you have no right to be engaged in debate any further.

  2. Mark Gardner Says:

    Another thing for the calculations – do those who make the Nazi comparisons scream blue murder when it is applied in the opposite direction.

    eg If pro-Iraq War advcoates called Saddam Hussein ‘the new Hitler’ what would the reaction be. (Answers on a postcard to Ken Livingstone or whoever).

  3. Philip Mendes Says:

    Norman: As the commentator criticized by Michael Brull, I can only say that I agree with you. Well explained.

    Philip Mendes

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