Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP, is working for Press TV, the propaganda wing of the Iranian regime

Jeremy Corbyn presenting on Press TV

Jeremy Corbyn presenting on Press TV

From Harry’s Place:

Here he is, standing in for George Galloway.

Press TV publishes, approvingly, Holocaust denial material. Recently, it published an essay by the disgraced Holocaust Denier and neo-Nazi, Nicolas Kollerstrom, that concludes “that the alleged massacre of Jewish people by gassing during World War II was scientifically impossible”. PressTV’s introductory comment is as follows:

The distinguished academic was dismissed on April 22, 2008 without any explanation and a Holocaust conference held on 16-18 May in Berlin refused his article and warned that he would be arrested if he attended the conference and presented his essay.

The West punishes people for their scientific research on Holocaust but the same western countries allow insults to prophets and religious beliefs…

More recently, it published this:

Press TV has excelled itself by running a story that no reputable news outlet had reported: a supposed CIA study predicting the collapse of Israel within 20 years. The only authority cited for this study was “international lawyer Franklin Lamb”. Lamb is a political activist described by Hizbollah’s TV station in Lebanon as “persistent in his support for the just cause of the Lebanese people’s resistance”.

You can contact Jeremy Corbyn at His TheyWorkForYou page is here.