2008 audit of antisemitic incidents in Canada

Via Terry Glavin in a comments thread, Modernity links to a 2008 audit of antisemitic incidents published by Canada’s B’nai Brith (the link from that page has a rogue ‘l’, so try from here).

Canada has half the the population of Britain but, in 2008, three times the incidence of antisemitism in Britain. The trend is up.

Jews as representatives of U.S. capitalism

Lisa Goldman links to a Wall Street Journal piece expressing fears of antisemitism related to the economic collapse:

“At this juncture, the trepidation may yet seem like paranoia, or special pleading akin to the old joke about the newspaper headline, “World Ends in Nuclear Attack: Poor, Minorities Hardest Hit.” Everyone is feeling the brunt of the recession; why worry about the Jews in particular? After all, Jews today have two refuges: Israel and America, a land where Jews have attained remarkable power and prosperity and have a constitutionally protected right to exercise their religion freely. In that case, why worry about potential danger to the Jews at all?”

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