2008 audit of antisemitic incidents in Canada

Via Terry Glavin in a comments thread, Modernity links to a 2008 audit of antisemitic incidents published by Canada’s B’nai Brith (the link from that page has a rogue ‘l’, so try from here).

Canada has half the the population of Britain but, in 2008, three times the incidence of antisemitism in Britain. The trend is up.

3 Responses to “2008 audit of antisemitic incidents in Canada”

  1. Lynne T Says:

    Glavin’s thread, which inspired Paleoanarchist’s absurd comments, was the truth about George Galloway not making it into Canada while on his recent post-Viva Palestina speaking stump and very worthy of a read. The story ran in the media as a “freedom of speech” issue whereas in truth the government was concerned about violations of PCML (Proceeds of Crime / Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism), given Galloway’s very public presentation of cash and goods to the leader of an organization on the proscribed list of a number of countries, Canada included.

  2. Jacob Says:

    Antisemitism in the UK:

    “BBC Admits to Bias”

    by Jonathan Hoffman, co-Chair of the UK Zionist Federation


    • Brian Goldfarb Says:

      Jonathan Hoffman’s piece on z-word, as linked to by Jacob above, deserves to be posted in its own right as dopes the follow-up on Harry’s Place.

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