Seven Other Children

Seven Other Children – flyer [PDF]

Seven Other Children

A theatrical response to ‘Seven Jewish Children’ by Richard Stirling

5 – 16 May 2009, Tuesday – Saturday at 9.50pm

New End Theatre

27 New End, Hampstead, London NW3 1JD

For two weeks only at the New End Theatre, Hampstead, Evergreen Theatrical Productions Ltd presents the fully staged premiere of Seven Other Children, author and actor Richard Stirling’s eight-minute theatrical response to Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children, seen in February at the Royal Court Theatre.

Using Churchill’s format, the content of which sparked such anger, Stirling’s play provides necessary context to the debate. The incomplete narrative of Churchill’s declared “political event” was taken by Stirling, a non-Jew, to demand a response, particularly in the light of Royal Court artistic director Dominic Cook’s statement that no balance is required: “Are A Doll’s House or King Lear fair?”

Admission to Seven Other Children, as with Caryl Churchill’s piece, is free

Performances last less than ten minutes

Advance booking for all performances is required

Please telephone the dedicated booking line – 020 7592 9666 – and leave a clear message with your name, telephone number, dates and ticket requirements

The play follows nightly performances of the New End Theatre’s One Act Play Festival

The tragedy of the situation in Gaza is anything but one-sided or sectarian ‘Seven Other Children’ is written not in its own right, but to show a dimension overlooked by recent plays on the subject: the tragedy of the Palestinian child as victim of a distorted education about Israel, and the crescendo of hate that continues to grow.

A charitable collection will be made at the end of the performance in support of OneVoice, the international mainstream grassroots movement that puts pressure on politicians of both sides to conclude a two-state solution guaranteeing an end to occupation and violence.

Seven Other Children – flyer [PDF]

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5 Responses to “Seven Other Children”

  1. Efraim Says:

    “US, UK playwrights write separate responses to ‘Seven Jewish Children'”

  2. SevenOtherChildren Says:

    We would be very grateful for assistance with the cost of putting on this play. Please sent contributions via PayPal to

    All donors of £50 and over will have two tickets to the Press Night on 6 May.

  3. Wallace Brand Says:

    “Seven Jewish Children” is available for viewing on YouTube, on two sites.
    “Seven Other Children” cannot be found on the internet, so far as I know. Not even a written transcript. What a pity.

    I recommend the review of Howard Jacobson in the Independent, of Seven Jewish Children:

  4. stanleykeyser Says:

    They are planning to screen the Play in Perth W.A. Do you guys have any resources used at anti seven Jewish children protests.

    If so please email me on

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