Paxman allows antisemite Ahmadinejad to set the Newsnight agenda

David T on HP.

One Response to “Paxman allows antisemite Ahmadinejad to set the Newsnight agenda”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    David T. is not alone in not watching Newsnight, but in this small apartment, while my wife was watching (and cursing, in a most ladylike fashion, of course) Paxman, I could hardly not here him being rude and insulting.

    The real problem with the BBC mode of interviewing anyone who is vaguely in the sphere of politics is that it hardly serves to tease out any nuance (and as for truth, this is no longer _only_ the first casuaty of war, it is also the first casualty of BBC interviewers). In the end, it serves only to inflate the egos of the interviewers.

    Trouble is, where do you go for the truth if you can’t rely on interviewers on supposedly “impartial” or “balanced” news channels?

    No wonder the BBC has problems with its image of supposed impartiality on the Middle East and other hot spots.

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