The old Engage site is back up and running

EngageThanks to our technical people who have sorted out this problem.  We are trying to make sure that the old Engage site remains securely in place as a resource for our arguments against contemporary antisemitism and against the boycott campaign.

The old site can be accessed most easily by clicking on the links on the top left of this website Archive (old Engage site)

The Engage Journal is available also by clicking on the relevant text on the top left of this site Engage Journal.

You can browse by subject by clicking this link: Archive, by subject.

Also use the search facility on the top right of this page:  Search old & new Engage together.

Click here for a collection of links to Engage’s core arguments against the boycott campaign

Click here for David Hirsh’s argument about the relationship to the boycott and antisemitism, as well as Martin Shaw and Norman Geras’ responses.

Click here for the discussion between Seumas Milne and David Hirsh on the distinction between the politics of reconciliation and the politics of the denunciation of Zionism.

Why not paste your own favourites from the old Engage site in the comments box?

One Response to “The old Engage site is back up and running”

  1. James Mendelsohn Says:

    A big thanks to all who worked hard in getting this up and running again.

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