UCU publishes the boycott motion but with a legal disclaimer

logoIt seems that what happened is that the trustees were persuaded at the last minute not to go to court, perhaps in exchange for this bizare legal disclaimer which has been tagged onto the motion, which has now been published.

It says that if Congress passes a motion to support the boycott of Israel then the union will “treat it as being void and of no effect”.

Motion 29: The union received advice from Leading Counsel that to pass this motion would be unlawful because it is likely to be viewed by a court as a call to boycott Israeli academic institutions. The union has previously followed advice from Leading Counsel that such a call would be outside the powers of the union to make. If the motion is amended to remove the affirmation of support for the Palestine call for a boycott, disinvestment and sanctions campaign, Leading Counsel has advised the union may lawfully pass this motion. If the motion is passed in its unamended form the President has been advised that she will have to treat it as being void and of no effect.

29 ��� Composite (University of Brighton Grand Parade, College of North East London, University of East London)

Congress notes:

�          targeting by Israel of civilians, homes, hospitals, UN facilities, university and school buildings to overthrow a democratically elected government;

�          blockade of medicine, food, fuel, trade and education of Gaza, and continued occupation and settlement of the West Bank;

�          complicity of Israeli educational institutions in colonisation and military preparation;

�          student occupations globally demanding justice and solidarity.

Congress believes:

�         a solution is impossible until Israel dismantles illegal settlements, withdraws to 1967 borders, and negotiates with Hamas;

�         international pressure is necessary to force Israel to abide by international law.

Congress affirms support for the Palestinian call for a boycott, disinvestment and sanctions campaign.

Congress resolves to:

�         intensify solidarity and renew urgently its call to members to reflect on the moral and political appropriateness of collaboration with Israeli educational institutions;

�         Support those Israelis who refuse to collaborate with Israel�s war against Palestinians

�         Demand that the British Government condemn Israeli aggression and ban arms sales to Israel

�         host an Autumn international, inter-union conference of BDS supporters to investigate implementation of the strategy, including an option of institutional boycotts.