UCU Congress

At the boycott fringe meeting Sean Wallis, branch secretary of UCL UCU claimed that a threat to union democracy comes from lawyers backed by those with “bank balances from Lehman Brothers that can’t be tracked down.”  Wallis pushes antisemitic conspiracy theory about how Jews stole money from Lehman Brothers, syphoned it off to Tel Aviv, caused the global credit crunch, and also backed the lawyers putting pressure on UCU to obey the law.  Nobody at the fringe meeting protested at this antisemitic speech.

Congress was asked to mandate the NEC to find out why Jewish members of the union were resigning and why they were making allegations concerning institutional antisemitism in the union.  Congress decided not to ask the NEC to find out why Jews are resigning from the union.

Congress decided not to have a debate about whether to ballot members of the union to find out if they want a boycott.

Congress voted to support a boycott of Israel and the union said that the policy would be void.

Flesh is Grass sums up the debate here.

3 Responses to “UCU Congress”

  1. EdwardT Says:

    Wallis speaks “as-a-25%-Jew” so 25% must be correct …

  2. Harry Goldstein Says:

    I think it’s worth pointing out that there have been intense discussions about this incident within UCL UCU, and that Sean has denied saying the words attributed to him.

  3. zkharya Says:

    Where, Harry, exactly, has Wallis denied saying these words?

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