Why I read The Independent with surgical gloves

See Harry’s Place. It’s not the first time The Independent have mingled their ‘Israel lobby’ stuff with racist references to malign Jewish power.

Update: Mark Gardner writes about this on the CST blog, plus follow-up.

CST Blog

CST blogThe Community Security Trust (CST) is a cross-communal Jewish self-defence organisation against antisemitism.  It trains the volunteers who provide the security for Jewish events, it keeps an eye on antisemitism in the UK and it speaks out when it feels the need.

The CST has now started a blog.

David Rich introduces it with a piece in which he offers his reading of the significance of contemporary antisemitism in Britain.

And Mark Gardner de-constructs (not for the first time) antisemitic conspiracy theory in the (supposedly liberal and antiracist) Independent newspaper.

Bookmark the CST blog now, before you forget.