Why I read The Independent with surgical gloves

See Harry’s Place. It’s not the first time The Independent have mingled their ‘Israel lobby’ stuff with racist references to malign Jewish power.

Update: Mark Gardner writes about this on the CST blog, plus follow-up.

3 Responses to “Why I read The Independent with surgical gloves”

  1. seismicshock Says:

    From the Independent today:

    In Hungary, the extreme nationalist anti-gypsy and allegedly anti-Semitic Jobbik party won three of the country’s 22 seats

    You’ll notice ‘allegedly’ does not precede ‘anti-Gypsy’. So I can’t understand why the Independent describes Jobbik as ‘allegedly’ anti-semitic, given this:


  2. Academic Says:

    That’s a very telling point, seismicshock.

    And in the second editorial in today’s “Guardian”,


    the Jobbik party is described simply as an “anti-Gypsy” party — making no mention of their antisemitism at all!

    This, despite the “Guardian’s” own news article


    yesterday quoting the Jobbik party’s leader as saying “So-called proud Hungarian Jews should go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tails”

  3. seismicshock Says:

    Within some circles, whilst t is considered “intellectual” to debate whether something’s antisemitic or not, it is obvious whether something is anti-Gypsy. that’s my impression anyway

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