Sean Wallis, UCL UCU, is still wriggling about the relationship between Lehman Brothers, anti-boycott lawyers and antisemitism

5 Responses to “Sean Wallis, UCL UCU, is still wriggling about the relationship between Lehman Brothers, anti-boycott lawyers and antisemitism”

  1. Absolute Observer Says:

    Would those be the same “democrats” who voted down an “unfettered debate” on antisemitism by any chance?

    And, as noted, why the comment about Lehman Brothers and not, a general comment about those who have lost much in the credit crunch. banking crisis, etc.

    The answer, of course, as with the comments about untraceable bank accounts which Wallis does not mention in his latest “wriggle”, is that Wallis was making reference to the antisemitic myth that “Zionists” smuggled money out of Lehman’s just prior to its collapse and passed it on to Israel and that it is these same “wealthy” Zionists who are funding the the (non-existent) legal action. (A pot pouri of myths and images, none of which are savoury).

    Does he reall think he is fooling anyone?

  2. Bill Says:

    Can’t he just swallow the piece of the foot that he’s already bitten off and be done with it? Does he have to keep inserting it back into his mouth and chewing on it with reckless abandon. After all unless he’s shooting for an endowed chair of Paranoia and Conspiracy Studies, he’s eventually he’s going to be expected to walk on it again!

    Does he not realize that he’s pretty much made a fool of himself (and his apologists) with these comments and should just keep his head down (just as he and his colleagues expect from anti-boycott UCUers).

  3. Hal Says:

    What’s with “the” Lehmann (sic) Brothers? Henry, Emanuel and Mayer never made it into the 20th century and family control ended forty years ago. At the time of its collapse, the board of directors of Lehman Brothers counted one, possibly two Jews on its 10-member board of directors.

  4. john Strawson Says:

    The truth is the BRICUP has been obessed that “rich and powerful Zionists” were about to use legal action against their boycott efforts from its early days. At the meeting (I was invited to attend) in December 2004 these were the words used by a leading boycotter. The code appears to have changed but the obsession remains. The reason for headling this issue is an attempt to create the impression that any legimate legal action to prevent UCU -or any other body – from adopting and implementing illegal discimination against Israelis on the basis of their nationality – would be tainted by sinister forces. However, the code is played it is the usual mix of unseen power, use of money and of a course a plan (consiacy?).

  5. Absolute Observer Says:

    Now he is claiming he does not remember saying it!!

    Hand in cookie jars comes to mind.

    He is also saying that people should have mention the claim he made/didn’t make/can’t remember making, or mention it to Sally Hunt (UCU).

    My, what a good idea!

    After all UCU is not the type of Union to dismiss allegations of antisemitism prima facie now is it? (oh, my bad, yes it is).

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