Palestine Solidarity Campaign hypocrisy on maps of Israel/Palestine

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is a UK-based lobbying organisation which produces selective facts and double standards on the  Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The University and College Union is affiliated to them.

Recently the PSC has been claiming victory for forcing an Israeli tourism advertisement to drop a map which did not sufficiently demarcate the 1949 armistice line (the Green line).

TULIP (Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine) considers the PSC’s own logo and wonders how they get away with the hypocrisy.

5 Responses to “Palestine Solidarity Campaign hypocrisy on maps of Israel/Palestine”

  1. Lynne T Says:

    They get away with it because they are tireless ideologues who have benefited from about 40 years worth of animus being turned on Israel for having come out on top of the ’67 and ’73 wars, whereas nobody remembers Israel’s offer to return the occupied territories for peace being met with the resounding “three nos” from Khartoum.

  2. zkharya Says:

    I urge folks to ring or write PSC:

    020 7700 6192 or

    I just rang up and asked the chap why no Israel on the PSC logo. Predictably he was evasive, saying something about “Palestinians in Israel who are second class citizens”.

    I said PSC shows a Greater Palestine, implies Israel is really Palestine, yet has the nerve to show a map which, for all its faults, shows a border.

    He just to write to receive a “more considered response”.

    Please do write or ring (better in my view). Just please don’t get angry.

  3. Jacob Says:

    Speaking of hypocrisy, here is an anwer to the antisemitic play “7 Jewish children:”

    “Of Nazis and watermelon ” By Tahel Frosh

    “Of Nazis and watermelon”

    By Tahel Frosh

    “American academia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and sex are all part of a new play called “Peace Warriors,” written by Israeli-born Prof. Doron Ben-Atar, head of the history department at Fordham University in New York. Portraying with humor and criticism the sometimes farcical nature of academic life, and the complexity of the ties between Jewish intellectuals in the Diaspora and Israelis, the play is slated to be performed at two prestigious theatrical events in the United States: the Washington Capital Fringe Festival in July, and the New York International Fringe Festival in August.

    Most of the plot takes place at a dinner hosted by a Jewish American academic couple, Daryl and Scooter Lewis, radical left-wingers and the parents of a teenage girl, for two Israeli actresses – one Jewish and one Palestinian – who are to appear in several performances promoting coexistence. They are joined at dinner by a rising star in the academic world, a British Jew, also a radical left-winger, known by the nickname “GW,” for George Washington (although his original name is Geoffrey Warshavsky). It turns out that he is Daryl’s longtime lover, but by the end of the play he will also sleep with both the Jewish actress, Shlomzion, who wants to be accepted to the program he directs at Columbia University, as well as with the Lewis’ daughter.

    In 2006, Ben-Atar wrote his first play, “Behave Yourself Quietly,” based on the story of his mother, who survived Auschwitz; it was performed at a number of festivals. He did not plan to write another play until one evening, a year ago, when he was asked by a Jewish group at Yale University, where he had previously taught, to host two actresses who had come to perform a play about Jewish-Arab coexistence.

    Says Ben-Atar: “We went to the play, which was very strange. The Jewish woman came from Jerusalem and the Arab woman from the village of Fureidis, but she played the role of someone from the territories. The Arab actress did not speak English and the Jewish actress translated her words for the audience, but the Arab woman did not rely on the translation so she asked an Arab woman in the audience to translate from English back into Arabic. The play was supposed to convey a message of coexistence, but there was no such voice. It transpired that there was no trust at all between these two peace activists: They hated one another.”

    Ben-Atar remembers how the Jewish Israeli woman came to his home wearing a galabiya (traditional long Arab robe) that evening, and related that the Arab actress was not prepared to be in the same house with her…..”

    Read the rest:

  4. zkharya Says:

    Sounds good. Complex, dramatic, adult. Exactly of what Churchill is incapable.

  5. Michael Says:

    Hypocritical – but surely no surprise to anyone.

    Supporters on PSC pro-violence rallies can typically be heard chanting the blood-curdling refrain: “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”

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