Come to the fringe meeting UNISON tried to ban

No room at UNISON conference for friends of Israel

No room at UNISON conference for friends of Israel

What next for Israeli-Palestinian Trade Union Cooperation?

Yes to Peace, No to Boycotts Trade Union Friends of Israel Fringe Event with:

Eric Lee, Trade Unions Linking Israel & Palestine (TULIP)

Terry McCorran, Unison Member (speaking in a personal capacity)

Chris Hudson, Peace Activist

Time: 12:45 – 2:00pm, Wednesday 17 June 2009

Venue: Regent Room, The Grand Hotel (King’s Road, 2 minutes walk from the conference centre)

Buffet lunch with tea & coffee provided All welcome

UNISON have banned TUFI (Trade Union Friends of Israel) from having a stall at its conference.  Read the story here in the Jewish Chronicle.

More from Harry’s Place:

Bill Gilby, the union’s conference organiser, said he would not describe Tufi’s absence as “a ban”. He said his conference team had received “an expression of concern” at the possibility of Tufi being offered a stall, “because of the union’s long-standing policy position on the Middle East and concern about the welfare of individuals if such a stall were to be there”.

I think I understand this correctly.

Unison fears that its members will carry out antisemitic attacks on Jews, if TUFI is permitted its customary stall.

Isn’t this precisely the sort of thing that Nick Griffin’s BNP says to ethnic and cultural minorities – “You better not turn up – for your own safety”?

This is – or certainly should be, a matter of huge concern to Unison. If it is not, then could it be that Unison is supportive of attacks on Jews at its conference?

Remember how Eric Lee was treated by UNISON?

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  1. Unison And TUFI. « ModernityBlog Says:

    […] Even if you disagree with the Trade Union Friends of Israel, that should worry any genuine and concerned trade unionist, for once you start down the road of violence (or implied violence) within the trade union movement then you are doing the fascist’s job for them. Update: Engage has news of a fringe meeting. […]

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