More from Norm on the Guardian’s equivocations on 7 Jewish Children

Here on Normblog.

Incidentally, he has a word to say about Seumas Milne’s defence of the vile Ahmadinejad.

3 Responses to “More from Norm on the Guardian’s equivocations on 7 Jewish Children”

  1. Gil Says:

    Over the past few days I’ve been avidly reading Comment is Free, where the totalitarians of the Left and Right converge. Milne with his vile views is bad enough. What amazes me is they allow reader posters who support the shooting of demonstrators. A further example of CIF readers’ denial is their obsession with the ‘Imperialist’ West and no mention whatsoever of, for example, Soviet involvment in Syria or Egypt, Sri Lanka, China etc. Or Russia in Chechnya. Nothing. Never existed. Clearly, pathalogical. I liked one commenter who said that CIF should have a resident psychiatrist to screen some (I would say most) of the comments.

  2. Consistent anti-racist Says:

    If only it was a synagogue or Jewish cultural centre; the perpetrators may well have have been defended by many of those same people who (quite correctly) expressed their shame, dismay, anger and sadness at the drip drip of racism that is permeating British society.

    (I await the left and liberal Romanian spokespersons’ argument that it was the Romanians who brought the attacks on themselves for wanting to live in the UK, for working in the UK, for paying taxes in the UK, etc.)

  3. NIMN Says:

    You also do not mention contemporary China’s involvement in Africa – itself a new instance of imperialism.

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