Understanding racists

Ben White understands.

See also Rosie Bell on Ken Loach, who also understands.

2 Responses to “Understanding racists”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Someone left me this link:-


    “ENGLISH filmmaker Ken Loach has withdrawn his film Looking for Eric from the Melbourne International Film Festival because the festival receives funding from the Israeli Government.

    Loach told the festival if it did not reconsider the sponsorship, he would not allow the festival to screen his film.

    In a letter to festival executive director Richard Moore, he said that “Palestinians, including artists and academics, have called for a boycott of events supported by Israel”. He cited “illegal occupation of Palestinian land, destruction of homes and livelihoods” and “the massacres in Gaza” as reasons for the boycott. It was, he said, aimed “not at independent Israeli films or filmmakers”, but at “the Israeli state”.

    Mr Moore said he would not accede to the request: “I wouldn’t do it. The festival wouldn’t. It’s like submitting to blackmail.””

  2. Alon Magen Says:

    When Ken answers to Tali “Please stand with the oppressed against the oppressor” he reveals, at least to me, that he’s in a state of complete denial to realities of this world, as in his most recent film the hero is a white European male who’s the hero and a “saviour”, Ken seems to never have deconstruct from the fact that as a white European male, he is the ultimate opressor, which leads him and many white Europeans to an opressive post WWII “humanist” antisemitism.

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