Marwa El Sherbini

This needs to be surfaced. Nearly a week ago in a Dresden courthouse a 32 year old pregnant woman, Marwa El Sherbini, was stabbed to death in a frenzied attack. Her killer was the man against whom she had just won a defamation case for hate speech – she wore a headscarf and he’d called her “terrorist”. Her husband Elwi Okaz, a geneticist, was critically injured when he intervened, and their three-year-old son was present. Bikya Masr says the man, who is reported not to be affiliated to a far right organisation, had a deep hatred of foreigners.

This hate crime was a fatal nexus of Islamophobic sentiment at a time when the veil is being argued over in Europe. Egyptians, including Eman Abdel Rahman, have been disgusted by the media silence.


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