A cringe-making boycott letter

Via Jewcy – the Yes Men write an open boycott letter and it’s been a while since I read anything as sanctimonious. I’m wondering why, in their professed love for Israel, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno link their decision to a branch of the longstanding campaign to end its existence. I also wonder about the grounds for their assertion that the cultural campaign to boycott South Africans worked, other than as social lubricant for international anti-racists. And whether they understand that the conscientious activists they tout who refer to sections of their government as ‘fascist’ would find their boycott counterproductive. Why they think that their presence would normalise anything for Israelis.

I wonder whether they would refuse to present their film in any other country. Would they end the announcement with a little message in the language of the land? The Hebrew words at the end of this open letter work like an ostentatiously Jewish seal of approval, a kosherising of the exclusion of the worlds only Jewish state.

The idea that Andy Bichlbaum’s and Mike Bonanno’s pressure – and impatience! – would contribute to the revelation of a path forward for Israelis would be pretty funny if it weren’t so tragic.

And does international law only apply one way? It’s no wonder that so many ordinary Israelis reach defencist conclusions. Who stands with them?

If you care about Israel, feel involved with Israel, feel terrible about Israel (or even terribly embarrassed by Israel), help the Israelis who are trying to make things better. These Israelis invariably say “Come, please use the platform, confront Israel with the occupation, criticise us to our faces”. If Andy and Mike really cared about Israel, that’s what they would have done.