Understanding and Addressing ‘The Nazi card’

8 Responses to “Understanding and Addressing ‘The Nazi card’”

  1. Bialik Says:

    There’s no text up as yet. Can you put a reminder up when it appears?

  2. Richard Gold Says:

    Bialik. It is up but it’a PDF and takes a while to load.

    • Brian Goldfarb Says:

      And although I’ve only just started reading it, it’s worth the wait. But then Paul Iganski is a proper academic – PhD, faculty of Essex University, etc. Can’t speak for Abe Sweiry, but if Paul Iganski (whom I have met) is happy to work with him…

      Iganski is the joint editor of the recent “Judeophobia” volume. Can’t be a better reccomendation than that in my book.

  3. Absolute Observer Says:

    Over at cif Lerman has an article on Iganski’s report.
    What is interesting (Lerman ceased to be that ages ago) is that the comments quickly descend from the serious question of whether the law has a place in this to the Israel/nazism equation, culminating in this classic,
    “”Nazi is as Nazi does, and that includes their apologists!!”

    Comments are now closed – good old Guardian, kept them open just long enough for the “brave “critics” of Israel” to complain about how hard it is to be, well, “brave “critics” of Israel”! Shalom/Seig Heil.

  4. Evan Says:

    Tony Lerman’s “Nazi card” article in CIF:


    Interesting how the comments eventually degenerate into an “Israel is a Nazi state because… it starves Gaza/uses white phospherous/even Holocaust survivors say that it is a Nazi state” slur-fest.

    • Gil Says:

      I looked at the Lerman thread and was astonished to see the following comment from Matt Seaton, A Guardian staff member:

      ’24 Jul 09, 3:47pm
      I mentioned earlier that we would be inviting Denis MacShane to respond to Tony Lerman’s critique. Despite being on holiday in Spain (see what a hard-working MP he is!), he has written a riposte, which we will run on Cif tomorrow.

      But here is a sneak preview:

      The portrayal of Israeli Jews as SS Nazis, which is widespread in the cartoons published in the Arab press, is not an attack on Israel as a state but an attempt to dehumanise its Jewish citizens – Jews everywhere. There is a rich vocabulary of abuse, invective and denuniciation that can be used to attack Israel. But in using Nazi imagery, the crudeness of the anti-semitism is obvious.

      Impressive what sun and sangria can inspire…’

      Is it just me or is this sneering by Seaton at Denis McShane very revealing of the Guardian’s mindset? A staff member sneering at someone who has been invited to respond to another writer. Can the Guardian sink any lower?

      • Richard Gold Says:

        Gil , i can see why you might think that but it’s just a case of Matt Seaton’s humour backfiring slightly. Knowing Matt’s attitude to antisemitism and the work he’s done on CIf (however bad it is , it was a lot worse) i’m certain he just meant that sun and sangria stimulates the writer.

        • Gil Says:

          Yes, I do see your point. I did indeed misread the comment. Thank you for the contextual information, Richard.

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