“Jew-Wise” Ingrams

In the 1920’s and 1930’s there were those who regarded themselves as “Jew-Wise”. They thought they knew what was going on , they thought they’d worked out what Jews were up to and thought they understood how Jews operated. They knew about the “Hidden Hand”. They thought they knew about the Jews and war. Infact Hillaire Beloc re-issued his 1922 book “The Jews” in 1937 to include a chapter on “The Spanish Civil Wall”. They knew how to spot Jews. Well they weren’t wise and neither is Richard Ingrams.

“Jew-Wise” Ingrams on the Iraq War Inquiry :

“After all, there had been a great deal of scepticism in the press, and more than a few MPs had expressed doubts about the composition of the panel – no military or legal experts, two Jewish historians thought to have been in favour of the war and a token woman, Baroness Prashar, whom few people had hitherto heard of.”

Ingrams has been “Jew-Wise” for a while now, especially with regard to Jews and war :

“The professors demonstrate that the American invasion in 2003 not only had the support of Israel but also that the overriding aim of those (mostly Jewish) neocons who were urging Bush to invade was to assist Israel by getting rid of its menacing neighbour Saddam Hussein.”

Hat Tip to Norm.