“Jew-Wise” Ingrams

In the 1920’s and 1930’s there were those who regarded themselves as “Jew-Wise”. They thought they knew what was going on , they thought they’d worked out what Jews were up to and thought they understood how Jews operated. They knew about the “Hidden Hand”. They thought they knew about the Jews and war. Infact Hillaire Beloc re-issued his 1922 book “The Jews” in 1937 to include a chapter on “The Spanish Civil Wall”. They knew how to spot Jews. Well they weren’t wise and neither is Richard Ingrams.

“Jew-Wise” Ingrams on the Iraq War Inquiry :

“After all, there had been a great deal of scepticism in the press, and more than a few MPs had expressed doubts about the composition of the panel – no military or legal experts, two Jewish historians thought to have been in favour of the war and a token woman, Baroness Prashar, whom few people had hitherto heard of.”

Ingrams has been “Jew-Wise” for a while now, especially with regard to Jews and war :

“The professors demonstrate that the American invasion in 2003 not only had the support of Israel but also that the overriding aim of those (mostly Jewish) neocons who were urging Bush to invade was to assist Israel by getting rid of its menacing neighbour Saddam Hussein.”

Hat Tip to Norm.

11 Responses to ““Jew-Wise” Ingrams”

  1. Mira Vogel Says:

    I vividly remember the impotence I felt reading Jew-wise Ingrams in The Observer in 2003:

    “I have developed a habit when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it.”


    Julie Burchill abused him terribly for that, poor Jew-wise.

    • Brian Goldfarb Says:

      Clearly, Ms Burchill didn’t abuse him terribly enough as he’s still at it. And Ingrams can’t even do his homework so that he can discover that the Israelis were and are more worried about Iran than they were about Saddam, especially after they’d destroyed Saddam’s weapons-making nuclear plant.

  2. modernityblog Says:

    I wonder if Ingrams is into conspiracy theories too?

    • Inna Says:

      Anti-Semitism is a conspiracy theory. Have you seen this (admittedly dated) Hitchens piece in the London Times?

      I particularly liked this bit:

      “There is some sense in which any challenge to what can be viewed as specifically Jewish power is more exciting and possibly more “transgressive”, and we might be more honest if we admitted as much. Here’s a thought experiment: you get an email telling you that all the Anglo-Saxons left the World Trade Center just an hour before the planes hit (not having merely stayed away with all the benefit of their advance warning, but having actually gone to all the trouble of turning up at 8 a.m. and trustingly assuming that the terror-strike would take place just on schedule and thus give them time to check their Rolexes for an orderly and early departure). See what I mean? It’s just not such a thrilling hypothesis. When directed at the Jews, however, it at least adds insult to injury, and the true bigot knows that every little helps. ”




  3. Inna Says:

    I remember that feeling too Mira. Which is why, when I wrote the Guardian a letter about that and cc’ed Ingrams I felt obliged to point out that, even though I have a gentile last name (by virtue of being married to a non-Jew) I myself am quite Jewish.

    And then I felt terribly sad that I felt I had to say that.



  4. Jonathan Hoffman Says:

    Ingrams’ magazine ‘The Oldie’ carried an Israel-bashing piece by Edward Enfield two months ago. A number of letters were sent to correct the facts but they printed none of them. Ingrams is a bigoted buffoon.

  5. Gilian Wolinsky Says:

    Here is a critique of a “Jew-Wise” Ingram at the New York Times:

    “Roger Cohen Digs Himself Deeper” by J.J. Goldberg


    The last paragraph reads:

    “That, in effect, is the dilemma facing American policy toward Iran at this pivotal moment: Is there too much Jewish influence? We’ve heard the question before in Hamas sermons, in Al Qaeda videos and on some left-wing blogs. Now it’s been incorporated into the nation’s newspaper of record.

    Is Cohen trying to mainstream bigotry? I suspect not. I think he’s trying to sound provocative, and I think he’s in over his head.”

  6. Mark Says:

    Now, If I were to write:

    “I have developed a habit when confronted by newspaper articles written by the sons of members of the 1930s pro nazi Anglo-German Fellowship Society I tend not to read it.”

    it would be very unfair indeed. Ingrams is (see Andrew Marr’s “History of Modern Britain (paperback version p221 extracted in the Daily Telegraph on 12 July 2007) indeed the son of such a father. And why should anyone make assumptions about his views as a result than they would about mine – as the son of a Jewish father with an appropriately Jewish surname?

  7. modernityblog Says:

    Very amusing:


    “Richard Ingrams, editor of Private Eye, cut his comic teeth at Shrewsbury School, where new boys were called “douls” after the Greek for slave and the day started with cold baths. It, too, had a Byzantine dress code and when the whole school was sent on cross-country runs, the boys were chased by men with whips.

    At Radley and Shrewsbury, as in scores of other similar schools, such as John Cleese’s Clifton College in Bristol, or indeed Prince Charles’s Gordonstoun in Scotland, boys developed underground languages to cope with their aggressive and closed communities.

    They were rarely politically radical. They were from a privileged elite, after all. Cook’s father had been a colonial civil servant in Nigeria and Gibraltar. Ingrams was the son of an eccentric banker and intelligence agent, a one-time member of the pro-Nazi Anglo-German Fellowship Society, and a Catholic mother whose father had been Queen Victoria’s doctor.”

  8. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Nevertheless, Mark, Leonard Ingrams appears to have made some amends for his ’30s views with his work during WW2 with Sefton Delmer who masterminded a chunk of Britain’s black propoganda. This is not to excuse his earlier views or that he might well have passed them on to his son.

    Pity the Ingrams son didn’t turn out like the son of John Beckett, 1930s racist interned during the war. The son, like the Mosley son who inherited the title, repudiated the father’s views wholesale. Beckett’s son, indeed, finished up on the democratic left. Like father, unlike son.

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