New fronts

Jogo, a correspondent, points us in the direction of a piece on the Institute for Global Jewish Studies on Holocaust Denial on Facebook, the online social networking site. As at Comment Is Free, ‘freedom to …’ butts up against ‘freedom from …’.

2 Responses to “New fronts”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Wow, that’s _some_ article from the Institute for Global Jewish Studies and explores so many of the issues that Engage was established to confront. It fits well with the Iganski/Sweiry article linked to a few pages back on “Playing the Nazi Card”.

    Perhaps these could (if permissions are available) be reproduced in the Engage Journal some time, as a more permanent record?

    One thought: I’ve long thought that “freedom from…” can (often?/sometimes?) be _more_ important than freedom to…, on the basis that why should freedom of speech (to say whatever one likes) be extended to those who would use that freedom, given the chance, to restrict or even end the right of others’ such freedom?

    Thus, should the BNP given the oxygen of publicity of appearing on the BBC Question Time programme? I know my answer: there’s a definite limit to the freedom of speech, and election to a representative body doesn’t over-ride this. Even that superficial buffoon Boris Johnson knows this: he gives the BNP Assembly rep barely the time of day when he asks his questions.

    This attitude should prevail over at Facebook, especially given its clout among the young.

  2. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    I meant, in my first comment, not that Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) is a buffoon and superficial as well, but that he _appears_, superficially, to be a buffoon. I believe he is far from actually being one, and merely acts the part when it suits him.

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