Meanwhile in Hungary

At Harry’s Place Karl Pfeifer tells of a writer who is contributing to a climate where people in Hungary can walk around proudly sporting antisemitic slogans.

One Voice – resisting polarisation

OneVoice‘s priority is to resist the polarising forces of conflict, encourage Israelis and Palestinians, in parallel, out of their fixed narratives, and build a mandate for elected politicians to negotiate a settlement which establishes a Palestinian state.

Read about OneVoice Glasgow’s visit to the Israeli town of Sderot terrorised by bombs from Gaza, and the Palestinian town of Salfeet, harassed by growing Israeli settlements. Also read a Q&A session with OneVoice’s youth leaders. Dalia Labadi:

“At OneVoice, everything you’re doing is for a better future, geared toward ending the conflict and the occupation. This is a noble feeling, when you’re doing something for the people that you’re part of. Being part of the movement made me more attached to the society, because you’re caring about your people’s future. Like Lee said, the other thing I’m proud of is hearing the other side’s narrative. This is something that you can’t be introduced to through the media or watching television. OneVoice could bridge the narratives.”