“Never again”?

Does anybody else find it repellent that Conservative Party leader David Cameron will be using “Never again“, a distinctly antigenocide reference, in his general election campaign and manifesto as a slogan against the European Union?

6 Responses to ““Never again”?”

  1. David K. Says:

    Tasteless indeed.

  2. Francis Says:

    I think you’re overreacting.

  3. Mira Vogel Says:

    Francis, it has been known. But the BNP go on about foreigners, “bloodless genocide” and ethnic cleansing from the inner cities. I think the Conservative Party should put more distance between that and what they are communicating when they declare “Never again”.

  4. James Mendelsohn Says:

    Seems a fair point, Mira. However, if this report in yesterday’s Times is accurate, I think it gives far more grounds for us to be concerned about David Cameron.


      • Brian Goldfarb Says:

        Having just read the Aaronovitch article, I can only agree with James’ comment. While it does tend to send a slight frisson through me when the words “never again” are used in other contexts, nevertheless, I do feel you’re overreacting, Mira. But then you _are_ a self-confessed member of the Green Party, and thus an opponent of much (most? all?) of what Cameron and the Conservative Party stand for. And I too am against them, from a slightly different left-wing perspective.

        That, however, is no excuse for any of us going over the top against them. I think Aaronovitch has got the tone about right.

        BTW, I couldn’t get into the Sun link. Just as well, I guess, as having the Sun in my eyes makes them water.

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