Overcompensation: friends of Israel who are not friends of the Jews

Via Bob, here is Raincoat Optimist on the English Defence League, Kaminski and Griffin, who begins:

“My old psychology dictionary of terms informs me that overcompensation can be ‘a Freudian defence mechanism, whereby an individual attempts to offset weakness in an area of their lives by focusing on another aspect of it.’ I had thought to look this up after thinking about the recent spell of disavowed anti-Semite, Israel supporters.”

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Wim Wenders: no reason to boycott Israel

He’s right, in Ha’aretz.

Modernity on Shlomo Sand, the Khazars, the far right and dubious history.

“I think anyone remotely familiar with the limited range of thoughts and debates found on neo-Nazi and Far Right web sites will recognise that particular “Khazar” argument and understand why it is pushed. I won’t provide any links to those neo-fascist web sites, but readers can find them on Google by using the keywords: Khazars Jews white power or David Duke khazers.”

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