Modernity on Shlomo Sand, the Khazars, the far right and dubious history.

“I think anyone remotely familiar with the limited range of thoughts and debates found on neo-Nazi and Far Right web sites will recognise that particular “Khazar” argument and understand why it is pushed. I won’t provide any links to those neo-fascist web sites, but readers can find them on Google by using the keywords: Khazars Jews white power or David Duke khazers.”

Read the whole article here.

4 Responses to “Modernity on Shlomo Sand, the Khazars, the far right and dubious history.”

  1. Philip Horowitz Says:

    Modernity says he wrote after “reading a truly appalling post at Socialist Unity blog by Ger Francis”. The blog is here: I did not think it so bad; not so much was said about Sand, he was criticised in the comments and a long comment (47) by Juan was one of the fairest I have seen from a left leaning person for some time. Pretty much any CIF piece will be very much worse

  2. modernityblog Says:


    I would agree there are far worse on CiF, but naively, I expect those on the Left, or who claimed to be on the Left, at SU blog and elsewhere to recognise the underlying problem with the “Khazar” argument and how it has been utilised by the Far Right.

    When the British Left starts playing around with “ethnicity” and co-opting of Far Right arguments on this issue then something is very wrong, appalling even.

    PS: Thanks for the pointer, comment 47 is much better than I would expect to find at SU on this particular topic.

  3. Philip Horowitz Says:

    When I said the SU post was not so bad, I meant taking into account too much current Left discourse not in terms of what such discourse should and should not contain. Of course, the use (and reappearance) of the Khazar trope is repulsive even were the story to be true.

  4. john thames Says:

    This is the usual Zionist tactic of trying to discredit an argument by attacking those who espouse it. You need a rebuttal, not name calling.

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