No reason to boycott Israel, says director Wim Wenders.

This is a guest post by journalist Michael Green.

World renowned German film director, Wim Wenders, has spoken out against the proposed cultural boycott of Israel and pledged his support for Israeli filmmakers.

“I’ve seen a lot of Israeli movies I’ve liked over the last few years. I can’t think of a reason to boycott them,” said Wenders.

The director made the comments during a visit to Jerusalem to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sam Speigel Film School, reports the Jerusalem Post (Monday 16 November 2009). He praised Israeli cinema, including Waltz with Bashir and European Film Academy Award-nominated, Ajami, which he described as a “fantastic first film.”

Wenders also blasted British director, Ken Loach, who has promoted a boycott of all things Israeli and believes that “nothing has been a greater instigator of antisemitism than the self-proclaimed Jewish state itself.” (Really Ken, nothing…?) “…Loach is a strange man and cannot be taken seriously,” reported Haaretz.

Wenders, whose body of work includes the acclaimed Wings of Desire, The American Friend and Paris, Texas, knows a thing or two about boycotts already. He broke the blockade on Fidel Castro’s Cuba to make the enormously successful documentary, Buena Vista Social Club, which brought together ageing musicians for a final tour.

“Cultural boycotts – in general they don’t work. Boycotts often achieve the opposite. Take Cuba – boycotting Cuba really secured Castro’s rule for the next 20 years.”

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