Uncut racism in the Austrian parliament

This is a guest post by Karl Pfeifer.

I received today a letter from H.C. Strache, leader of the extreme right wing Austrian Freedom party. He is complaining about lacking security in Vienna and he hopes, that he will be the next mayor of Vienna and will oust Michael Häupl, the socialist mayor of Vienna. He also argues that the immigration to Vienna has risen to an unacceptable level. Oh, and he promised to fight Islamism as well.

So I have been looking to see what the Freedom party MPs have been up to in Parliament.

Mostly, they ask questions.

On November 23 some Freedomite MPs asked the Minister of Health for data relating to the circumcision of boys under the age of 15. They want to know, specifically,  how many boys are circumcised for medical reasons  and how many for “traditional ritual reasons”.

All in all they have asked 324 questions – when printed, the list of questions runs to 29 pages.

Those MPs know of course that in Austria there are no statistics on this sort of thing and an answer to their questions would cost millions of Euro to obtain. So why do they ask?

Jews and Muslims circumcise their boys. The obvious reason that they’re asking has nothing to do with fighting Islamism and everything to do with inciting people against Jews and Muslims.

Life is tough in Austria. We have students striking against the bad conditions at Austrian universities. We have rising unemployment and a whole series  of other problems.

But the Freedomite MPs would much rather count foreskins.

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