“Jew-Wise” Ingrams is at it again.

Jew-Wise Ingrams is up to his usual tricks : Will Zionists’ links to Iraq invasion be brushed aside?. This is in defense of the
antisemitic article last week in the same paper by ex diplomat, turned lobbyist Oliver Miles.

8 Responses to ““Jew-Wise” Ingrams is at it again.”

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  3. Absolute Observer Says:


    “It is equally legitimate to ask if at any point the panel will investigate or even refer to the US neocons and their links to Israel. Call me snide if you like, but I very much doubt they will.”

    A question that has never been asked. Oh really?

    “But, as Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, has testified, Israel consistently warned the Bush administration that it was Iran, not Iraq, that posed the real threat: “The Israelis tried their best to persuade us that we were focused on the wrong enemy,” Wilkerson has said. What we have here is a clutch of nasty old clichés, still clung to by those who carry great titles and honours – and a few very stubborn prejudices.”

    So, assuming for one moment there is this unbreachable link between US neocons and Israel (as opposed to political choices), then it would seem from this that “neocons” would be ideally placed to be part of the enquiry.

    “Snide” doesn’t even begin to cover it!

    Interesting also how the presence of “Zionists” and/or those who spoke in favour of the Iraq war is being given as a reason for questioning the inquiries legitimacy.

    Now, where have I heard that argument before. Oh, yes, that’s it.
    Those who complained that a member of the Goldstone panel had previously signed a letter condemning Israel prior before any investigation whatsoever.
    But, of course, those who mention that are only “evil and clever Zionists” trying to silence critics. whereas for those who mention Gilbert and Freeman are cast as only getting to the truth.

    Consistency, you gotta love it.

    btw. I wonder if Jfjp et al will refer to this question in their full page Times ad where they will no doubt blame the usual suspects for being silly when it comes to Israel?

    And, on this point, since Rose claimed that she thought some Jews might read it and agree with it, why not put the ad in the JC as well? After all, they are forever ranting on about how they are so desperate at being heard by the “Jewish community”. Well, here’s that chance. And, if people disgree with them they can always blame the usual suspects. A no-lose situation, me thinks.

  4. Saul Says:

    I guess the real question is not what Ingram said, but why the Independent thought it acceptable to publish?

  5. Susan Says:

    According to polls, 77% of American Jews opposed the Iraq war. I would assume that these 77% of American Jews are nearly all Zionist. The belief that Jews and/or Zionists supported the invasion of Iraq is just not true. It is just assumed to be true, because that is what people like Ingrams want to believe.

  6. James Mendelsohn Says:

    Oh come on Saul, not such a big surprise really!!

  7. Saul Says:

    No, seriously, why?

  8. James Mendelsohn Says:

    Well it’s not as if the Indy has a track record of being careful to avoid antisemitism, is it? For example:



    Surely the bigger surprise would be if the Indy decided NOT to publish this sort of venom?

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